Welcome + FAQ 2.0!

Hey there! Welcome to the Mostly Kobolds Archive. If you're here for Dic Geeks or our older shows, they're sitting just underneath this post on the front page! If you're wondering why you're here, then read on!

So what is this place? How did it start?

Well, back in 2016, two pals who met on Twitter and somehow happened to live in the same tiny market town started up a little podcast together called Like What I Like. They already knew they got along, but they weren't so sure about their mutual interests. So, to get to know each other better and to hopefully discover more things they both liked, LWIL was born. ...aaaand then it died, due to them running out things to look at. So they started up a new, better podcast, one that was more free-form and allowed them to talk about whatever they wanted! ....aaaaand then it died too, but not before a third podcast was born. That podcast was Dic Geeks; the show where those same two people, Mark & Avery, decided to inexplicably watch through every single show and movie that Dic Entertainment had involvement with. It remains their biggest mistake in life.

What do you mean by “Archive”?

Well, as well as starting up those podcasts, we also started up a little website called “Mostly Kobolds”. This was intended to be a place where we could not only house our shows but also would let us write fun blog posts and articles n such on whatever we felt like. Since early 2018 through to 2020, neither of us had made new posts on there outside of podcast episodes. So, as part of our revival after the Great Hiatus Of 2019, we decided to ditch the old un-updated WordPress based site in exchange for this more simple one on here. Cheaper and less maintence = a happy Mark & Avery. The “Archive” in the name is purely there because we've brought over all of the articles we made on the old site plus a couple of complete but unposted drafts. We plan on continuing to make Dic Geeks until we've seen everything there is to see.

Didn't you used to have a cute little mascot?

Yep! They're still kicking about. Once more, say hello, Moss!

The name thing

When Mostly Kobolds started, Avery had pretty much just come out as nonbinary. Well...kinda. They were still finding their feet identity wise. It took them a while but eventually, they settled on Avery and they/them pronouns. Even though they are referred to as “Lain” and “Emma” and with she/her pronouns in older podcasts, please only use “Avery” and they/them.

How outdated was the old site before you shifted everything over here?

Wordpress was sitting at 5.3.4 and was pestering me to install the 5.5.1 update. 7 out of 14 plugins needed updating. It was also warning us that we were running an insecure version of PHP. So, yeah, probably for the best we jumped ship.

Why did the Great Hiatus of 2019 even happen?

Basically it was just one shitty thing after another. It started with me having my wisdom teeth out, which meant I couldn't really speak. Then depression hit. Then I became homeless and had to bunk at Marks place for a while which was not great for everyone. Then depression hit Mark. Then COVID shat on the entire world. So, yeah, it's been a bit awkward to say the least. We're back now though, hopefully for a good while before another hiatus hits us for whatever reason.