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Rest In Peace Sweet Prince (2016-2020)

Originally posted 17th January 2017 Written by: Avery

[raucous applause] Haha, yes, hello everyone and welcome to my Absolute BANGER award ceremony of 2016. This article will differ from your regular Album of the Year lists in that rather than honing in on one specific album as the best of 2016, I’ll merely be listing off the albums that I listened to which particularly stood out to me. There are five different categories kicking about this year, the important ones being the actual AOTY list and the list of“Honourable Mentions”. The other lists are for the albums that didn’t make the cut this year, either due myself not listening to them enough or due to me just not enjoying listening to them at all.


Originally posted on 17th January 2017 Written by: Mark

Platform: PC Developer: Jumpsuit Games Publisher: Ysbryd Games Review Key received: Yes


Originally posted on 13th January 2017 Written by: Mark

Well the hour is nearly upon us! After a ridiculously unnecessarily long time, Nintendo have finally promised to reveal all of the important details about their new console, the Nintendo Switch. Of course, we already know quite a lot more than we were supposed to thanks to the sterling work of Eurogamer and Lets Play Video Games, so the vast majority of predictions articles are basically going to cover things that are practically certain (assuming someone hasn't been playing around with the press. Reggie?).

Therefore, here are five Nintendo Switch predictions that only vaguely overlap with the ridiculous amount of things we already know about this mysterious system.


Draft last edited 19th December 2016 Written by: Mark

If you're anything like me, you've managed to leave buying Christmas presents right up until the last minute. That's okay, that's fine. I mean, sure, if you're not lucky enough to have an Amazon Prime account or to have the willingness to pay for expedited shipping that's going to leave you in a serious mess, but I'm not judging; you be you.


Originally posted on 11th January 2017 Written by: Mark

Back when I was little I used to make games all the time. They weren’t good. They were usually very basic, ugly things that I would make in The Games Factory (a now ancient piece of game development software that has since evolved into the Clickteam Fusion line of products) that were far more full of cutscenes than actual content, and which I would hand out to my friends on 3.5″ floppy discs. Because I’m old. Somewhere along the line I just stopped trying to make games. Whether it was because I didn’t have the time, or because of the depression and anxiety I suffered in my early twenties I just reached a point where I ceased putting together my half-hearted jaunts into development and forgot that making games was something I’d ever actually done.

But then in 2016, I came up with an idea. And that Idea was ‘For King Trivia’.


Originally posted on 31st December 2016. Written by: Mark & Avery (neé Emma)

With the smouldering remains of 2016 finally laid to rest we look back upon the year in which every famous person you ever loved died. Or rather, we look back at the games because the whole rest of it’s too concerning to talk about right now and we’re looking for easy fun entertainment to distract us from the inevitability of death. Hooray for video games!