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Hello there! If you're here, you're likely after the older podcasts we did before starting Dic Geeks. Very well, herein lies a lovely list of links for your delectation. Be warned that, in Avery's opinion, none of these are particularly very good. They're very rough around the edges, they're not entirely too engaging...and Avery changes name at least 2 or 3 times throughout the course of them. Regardless, scroll onwards.

Mostly Kobolds EXTEND is a podcast about, well, almost anything at all! Mark & Avery take to the microphone, detailing various things they’ve been doing, from playing video games to listening to music, and even take a cheeky little peek at upcoming releases and various news tid-bits.

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Episode 0 – VR Edition Episode 1 – Torchlight 2, BOTW, Shrek 5 and more Episode 2 – Danganronpa, MST3K, Licking Puyos and more Episode 3 – Petting Chocobos, Shit Cards, Birthday Games and more Episode 4 – News, News, News and more (News) Episode 5 – Paranoia, Guardians 2 and-OH @!#?@! E3 IS COMING Episode 6 – I love video games Episode 7 – Cyclops Dating, DC Spoiling, Nostalgia Smelling Nerds Episode 8 – Dracula's Awful Heart & Pre-Sequel...or Something Episode 9 – Spidery Sensory Overload Episode 10 – Cute Golfing Aliens Slowed Down To 85% Speed Episode 11 – Bubsy Deserves Better Episode 12 – video games (b/w depressing cartoon) Episode 13 – Live @ EGX (sort of)! Episode 14 – Now reduced at 20% off!

Two friends desperately try to engage each other in their own specials interests, all for the listening pleasure of you, our loyal listeners!

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Episode 1A – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure↔Brazil Episode 1B – We Swear We’re Not Drunk Episode 2A – The Gerogerigegege↔Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Episode 2B – Yes, We’re Doing This Again Episode 3A – Gaki no Tsukai↔Secret of Monkey Island Episode 3B – The Final Mistake Episode 4A – Surfing Samurai Robots↔Welcome To Night Vale Episode 4B – Blood Blood Blood Blood Episode 5 – The Cat Returns↔The Day Today Marvellous Moviesode: Howard The Duck (1986) Episode 6A – Monster Factory↔Good Omens Episode 6B – On ABC Episode 7 – YMO↔Scott Pilgrim Marvellous Moviesode: Thor (2011) Episode 8A – Beef and Dairy Network↔Sonic Adventure 2 Episode 8B – The Quiz, but actually At The End Episode 9 – Candice DeBébé↔Jem & The Holograms (IDW) Marvellous Moviesode: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Episode 10 – Samurai Champloo↔Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds Episode 11A – Ninja Terminator↔Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Episode 11B – The One Where Candice Happens Episode 12 – Ressha Sentai ToQger↔Paranoia Agent Marvellous Moviesode: Fantastic Four (1993) Episode 13 – Saint Young Men Episode 14 – Bojack Horseman Episode 15 – The Mighty Boosh (Series 1) Episode 16 – What We Do In The Shadows (b/w EGX talk) Episode 17 – EGX 2016 Marvellous Moviesode: Captain America: The First Avenger Episode 18 – Lilo & Stitch Episode 19 – Banjo-Kazooie “HD” (X360) Halloween Special 2016 – Part 1 Halloween Special 2016 – Part 2 Episode 20 – Hausu (1977) Episode 21 – Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto (b/w Origins of Dic Geeks) Episode 22 – Star Trek: TNG