Audio Flash: 2 New Haord Releases

Originally posted on 11th April 2017 Written by: Avery

One of my favourite bands, Macula Dog, run their own record label on Bandcamp called Haord Records. I've kept a small tab on it since finding their self-titled release on there last year, occasionally popping in whenever a new release comes out. But while I've only sort of half liked the labels output since Macula's eponymous tape, this month is a bit different. Haord's april releases comprise of the usual two cassettes. This time, we have one by garage-punk band Cop City/Chill Pillars and, as far as i can tell, what seems to be cartoony experimental musician Cabo Boing's debut release.

Cop City/Chill Pillars – III

Cop City/Chill Pillars' third effort has a rather apt and minimalist title, as well as a rather dull yet amusing cover consisting mostly of an iMessage screenshot showing the group agreeing to use a screenshot of the very conversation they're in for the cover. But don't let all that fool you – this album is 100% worth your time. It's best described as garage rock mashed with punk and you'll understand when you start listening. It's the most outdated sounding album – but I don't mean it in a bad way? I mean it as in, this album sounds like just everything about the punk movement and also the skater movement in the 90s just blended together and put on a cassette. It's occurred to me that this is an album thats so perfectly fitting to be on a casette tape; almost to the point that I kind of wish that it was drenched in that muffled old tape quality as if I found it on in the NOISE-ARCH collection.

Favourite Track: Rollerskates

Cabo Boing – Blob On A Grid

While III took me back with how good it was straight away, Blob On A Grid straight up blew me 3 miles down the road. For me, this album feels like a peek into an alternate dimension where Mark Mothersbough did nothing but make weird experimental shit and just went fucking /wild/ after creating the Rugrats theme. This album is cartoony, it's squelchy, bouncy, hyperactive, twisted, weird, freaky, and a million other synonyms used to describe things that are out of the ordinary. If you thought Macula Dog was off the wall, wait until you hear what Cabo Boing has in store for you. Seriously, I'm not sure I've heard such a catchy and legitimately entertaining album that's also massively experimental and bizarre. I love every minute of it.

Favourite Track: Nitwit Of Gizmo

III & Blob On A Grid are available as a download (pay-what-you-want) and on cassette from Haord Records.