Audio Flash: All new GAS-sy Gorillaz

Originally posted on 28th April 2017 Written by: Avery

Just a quick short one – I don't have much to say on either of these!

​Gorillaz – Humanz

Humanz has an incredibly strong start: Ascension is catchy and foot nodding – A feeling that continues into Strobelite, which sounds more like a Groove Armada song than anything else. The thing is, that feeling is immediately shattered by the next two songs which are far darker and more aggressive. It's not that it's bad, it's more that it feels like it's lacking direction. I won't deny I'm enjoying listening to it, but it's just a little bit jarring. Another feeling I've kind of had haunting me whilst listening was that this just doesn't feel like a Gorillaz album at all and I think this is largely in part to such a heavy emphasis on collaborators. Now I'm all for change in an artist or bands style but it's just... well, jarring. You'll enjoy this album if you liked Plastic Beach though.

Faves: Ascension, Carnival, We Got The Power, The Apprentice

Not Faves: Charger, She's My Collar, Hallelujah Money, Circle of Friendz

GAS – Narkopop

If you know anything about me, it's that I'm a massive fan of Wolfgang Voigt's work. From his more rhythmic M:I:5 alias to his ever popular ambient GAS alias. And this year, Mr. Voigt surprised us all with the sudden release of a brand new album under the latter name, almost 20 years after Pop, his previous effort as GAS. The albums done under the alias are generally long dwindling drones, with samples of string instruments floating in, and a low thumping drum beat that sounds like it's drowned underwater. Narkopop is no exception to this, feeling a lot like a more focused sequel to Zauberberg. It contains very dark, creeping synths seeping in from all sides, as a foreboding drum sits in the back always chasing you slowly. All in all an excellent addition to the gasography. I just wish Voigt would acknowledge the existence of the very first GAS album.

No faves etc on this one since, unlike previous GAS albums, this one is really meant to be treated as one long thing. The tracks themselves don't stand out as much as they did on Pop or Konigsforst either, so let's just say it's all my favourite.

Both Humanz and Narkopop are available for purchase and streaming from the usual spots.