Mostly Kobolds FAQ

Who or what is Mostly Kobolds?

That’d be us! Hello there! We’re Mark and Avery, a couple of dorks from the West Midlands in the UK. We make podcasts and write articles and occasionally do other less interesting things. Well, we try to do the latter bit at least.

Where did the name “Mostly Kobolds” come from?

We needed a name for our sort of half-brand, so we proceeded to do what any logical, forward-thinking human being would do. Look through a D&D 3rd Ed. Monster Manual and pick the cutest one. As for the first half of the name, that came from us spending about an hour combining random adjectives with “Kobolds”. Rejected names include such wonders as “Jammy Kobolds”.

You know Mostly is an adverb, not an adjective, right?

Listen. We tried our best. We’re very much aware. Thank you Mx. Merriam-Webster.

So what can I expect from you, then?

Well, currently we produce two podcasts: Mostly Kobolds EXTEND and DiC Geeks. We also occasionally write articles on whatever we like, which is mostly video games and music.

Why is EXTEND spelled with all capitals?

Apart from the joke being that each episode is about an hour long or so, the “EXTEND” part of the name is a reference to old arcade games, which often used the term when getting an extra life. Additionally, the colours used in the artwork is a reference to Bubble Bobble, seen here:

Oh! Who’s that cute friend in the logo?

That would be Moss the Kobold! Say hello, Moss!

Oh dear. I’m so sorry. He really does think that’s funny.

What’s a Kobold?

Traditionally, a Kobold was a type of mischievous spirit like an Elf or a Pixie, but these days they’re more usually depicted as sort of cutesy lizard people like in Dungeons and Dragons.

Hold on, why does one half of MK have like three different names?

Ah. You noticed. See, Avery is trans (specifically, nonbinary) and part of being trans is trying to find a name that better “fits” you. We apologize for the confusion caused by this and hopefully they’ll eventually settle on something.