EXTEND 13th – Live @ EGX 2017! (sort of)

Oh boy friends, prepare yourself for an extra long awful sounding spectacular where your usual two friends are joined by three additional friends in a fancy Hilton hotel! This week we talk a lot about the video games we saw and played for the first day of EGX that we were at (which was actually the third day of the event itself), make bad jokes and have plenty of awkward silences. But hey, it’s a lot of fun and it’s not as bad as you might think it would be!

Music as always made by ghostwerk, check out his amazing stuff here: https://ghostwerk.bandcamp.com

Mostly Kobolds EXTEND – EXTEND 13th – Live @ EGX (sort of)!

As mentioned above, we recorded this on the first of two days we were at EGX. We did this mainly because two of the friends who feature on this episode (Broms and Curly) had to grab the flight back home the following day. So on that note, I just wanna note a couple things.

RE: Sonic Forces, I (Avery) gave the PS4 version a shot really quick before the show floor closed and can say it definitely plays marginally better than the Switch version did. I’m going to nail most of that down to the weird controller SEGA were using for the Switch demos rather than the game itself, but at the same time it definitely seemed more optimized for the PS4 than the Switch. Anyway it seems like an OK-ish 3D Sonic game which makes a nice change. Mania is definitely better though!

Also have a short list of games you should 100% check out asap/keep a tab on for when it releases in the future that we played on the following day which weren’t mentioned in this episode!