EXTEND 10th – Cute Golfing Aliens Slowed Down To 85% Speed

We’re back once again, here to tell you of the wonders of a flawed minigolf game, a flawed movie and one half of us not having a single thing to talk about! We got ourselves a minor spoilercast for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, which is a movie that has a lot of people divided on how they feel about it! We also do a quick lil view on whats comin out in the next couple weeks cos at this point its just a habit. Gosh Bless.

While we don’t go too deep into the plot of Valerian, if you wanna skip that segment, we stop talking about it at 50:28. Enjoy the show!

Oh dang, there’s supposed to be an embedded player here. We’re having a few issues with our podcasting host’s https right now, but you can also find the player on their website by clicking right here..