Super Duper Sumos (2002)

Super Duper Sumos was a collaboration between a Korean animation studio and Dic. I’m not even going to bother mentioning their name, because as far as we can tell, they didn’t do anything else after this. SDS is a very good lesson in what not to do for a kid’s show. It’s packed to the brim with barely written jokes that are repeatedly shoved in the viewers faces, borderline racist stereotypes and little to no plot. Just as much as we couldn’t really find much backstory to this one, we don’t have much to say on it either. We haven’t been this disgusted at a cartoon in a long time. Maybe it’s best to leave this one to die to the sands of time.

Oh by the way, to save you the physical pain caused by looking at anything to do with the show, here’s a cute picture of a round chinchilla. The enjoyment you get out of this will be more than what you’d get from SDS. We promise.

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