EXTEND 5th – Paranoia, Guardians 2 and–OH @!#?@! E3 IS COMING

We love video games! We love them so much that we recorded a massive segment about whats upcoming at this years E3 and then did the parts that come before and after it, after. …That makes sense, right? Either way, the opening and ending bits to this episode are a bit sleepy compared to the high-ish energy of the E3 bit because of that. Look out for Mark talking about the actual thing happening next fortnight, cos Avery is sure to be 110% tired and sick of hearing about it by that point. Ahh, videogames.

Mostly Kobolds EXTEND – Episode 5 – Paranoia, Guardians 2 and–OH @!#?@! E3 IS COMING

Music by ghostwerk: https://ghostwerk.bandcamp.com