EXTEND 4th – News, News, News and more (News)

Hello! We had to record this one early due to stuff happening during our regular recording date. We were also rather pressed for time too. As such, we weren’t able to record new interstitials for our “sponsors” nor could we do a new middle segment. The audio might be a lil clipped sounding at points too due to recording in Mark’s room as opposed to our usual spot. So uh, enjoy this mostly news based episode of MKE? Maybe?? We’ll have more interesting stuff for you next time, don’t worry. If you found this episode rather lacking, we implore you to check out our secondary podcast, Dic Geeks! We just did an episode on Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats, it’s good.
Mostly Kobolds EXTEND – Episode 4 – News, News, News and more (News)

Footnote, Mark says he doesnt think the company “Public Radio Alliance” exists and he’s wrong: http://www.publicradioalliance.com/about-pra/ they’re a separate entity to Pacific Northwest Stories and Minnow Beats Whale, the producers of Tanis and Rabbits etc.

Footnote 2, Emma says Wikipedia says Shenmue 3 is coming out Q3 2018. It does not, it says December 2017. Still, Q3 2018 is probably more accurate.
EDIT 08/06/17; I WAS RIGHT 

Footnote 3, the kids in Captain Underpants are called George and Harold. I don’t remember if my summary of the main premise is right or not but who cares.

secret bonus footnote 4, quick copypaste job again because its half past 2 in the morning and we forgot to post this earlier because whoops pobodys nerfect

Music by ghostwerk: https://ghostwerk.bandcamp.com