EXTEND 3rd – Petting Chocobos, Shit Cards, Birthday Games and more

Ello ello! We’re back, with a brand new podcast, and it’s sure to go down a treat! This fortnight: we touch upon the changes made in Danganronpa 2 and reference an obscure-ish PC Engine game in the process, talk about how cute Chocobo are, check on some upcoming releases and news and open some packs of the worst CCG in the universe. It’s the Mostly Kobolds EXTEND podcast.

Here’s some music credits:
Intro & Outro music (“ichunti” and “Violate A Hater”) by ghostwerk: http://ghostwerk.bandcamp.com
Extra music by Deaf Lions: https://archive.org/details/noise-arch_deli_cop

Mostly Kobolds EXTEND – Episode 3 – Petting Chocobos, Shit Cards, Birthday Games and more

Couple of footnotes:

Gomola Speed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOzYLSVNayU

With regards to Danganronpa 2: The swords minigame mentioned is called “Rebuttal Showdown”. P.T.A.’s full name is “Panic Talk Action”, “Logic Dive” is apparently a snowboarding minigame according to Wikipedia. Also, I neglected to mention to cute little virtual pet you get to take care of! It’s a fun side thing but it’s far too easy to forget about it existing, much like real virtual pets. Don’t look up anything here that I’ve mentioned because Google will accidentally spoil you. Trust me, I did that myself just by searching “Danganronpa 2 pta”.