LWIL: The end of an era.

Like What I Like – The end of an era

It is with great sadness that we put Like What I Like to rest. It’s not had a particularly long run, but it’s been a pretty dang good one considering it was our first ever podcast. Alas, it was not meant to be, as recent recordings have completely flopped. It’s gotten really difficult to record new episodes, either due to a lack of stuff to really talk about or just it being not fun in general and feeling overall very forced. So this is pretty much the only way out.

Thankfully though, we have a new podcast coming in to replace it! If you remember our VR Special we did a little while back, well, we’re doing that sort of thing but more longform and more just about whatever we feel like in general. Games we’ve been playing, upcoming releases, and all that kind of jazz. It’s called Mostly Kobolds EXTEND and we’re very happy with it. Not only does it allow us to stretch our legs a lot more in terms of content, but it lets us continue to deliver some top B grade podcasts, right to your phone (or computer. or web browser.)

2017-12-17 Update: ah piss, mostly kobolds extend died too. dic geeks is still rockin’ it though.

Before we leave you, let’s just take a quick look back at some of our favourite episodes.


For me, I think my absolute top fave episode has to be “The One Where Candice Happens” and I bet you can guess why. Yes, Candice DeBéBé’s special message that she made just for us. I mean, it’s one thing playing and talking about Incredibly Trick Lifestyle but it’s another thing altogether to receive a message directed as us both in reply to what we had said in that episode. It was the aftermath of me having a chat to Havishamone through Twitter DMs; while I totally set up them recording the message, I had absolutely 0 idea what to expect from it. Thank you once again Candice for that wonderful message.

For a secondary pick though, It’s gotta be the Lilo & Stitch episode. That thing was like 30 straight minutes of Mark just angrily ranting to himself over every single little thing about the movie and it’s absolutely hilarious. If you think the episode itself was good, imagine my experience editing it. It’s an excellent episode both because of that, but also because pretty much everything Mark says is right. No, really, he makes several good points throughout. The movie makes no damn sense. And then I got him a copy of it on DVD for Christmas. Ain’t I a stinker?


Lets face it, there were two best kinds of episodes when it came to Like What I Like. Firstly there were those in which, like the aforementioned Lilo and Stitch episode, the topic received a full and total rejection from one of us. For Emma, this was most apparent in the Sonic Adventure 2 episode, in which rather than liking what I liked (warts and all) she went into a full on dissection of absolutely everything wrong with the game Sonic Adventure 2 (aka, absolutely everything except for the gloriously cheesy music). Whilst she’s recanted on a lot of her points since then, there’s something entertaining about just how frustrated she was with the game’s incredibly dated design choices and ‘edgy’ early 2000s aesthetic.

Then there’s the other kind, of course. The other best kind of episode was the kind where we both found that we completely adored something on much the same level, and I would argue that that’s best conveyed in the Bojack Horseman episode, in which we discuss just how bloody brilliant Netflix’s animated anthropomorphic hollywood satire is. It’s just an extended geeky gushing of enthusiasm about a topic, and it’s this dynamic that I hope to recapture in most of our discussions in Mostly Kobolds: EXTEND: unapologetic enthusiasm about the things we love.

So that about wraps it up for Like What I Like. It’s been fun, and I hope you enjoyed it too! Please stick around with us as we continue to trawl through DiC Entertainment’s catalog and witter on endlessly about various pop culture topics!