EXTEND 0th – The Mostly Kobolds Podcast: VR Edition

NOTE: As of the 9th of April 2017, this episode is now considered to be “Episode 0” of Mostly Kobolds EXTEND.

Podcasts? What are those?? Yes, once again we’re back with a late podcast. We apologize deeply, but we think we’ve managed to nail down a decent enough method of editing them between ourselves which (hopefully) will allow us to resume to a weekly-ish schedule once more. We appreciate your patience as we figure all this out. Anyway, moving onwards.
Mostly Kobolds EXTEND – Episode 0 – VR Edition

Now then, the Mostly Kobolds Podcast is here. Is it a new podcast? Yes. Is it going to be a regular one like LWIL and Dic Geeks? No! The MK Podcast is purely going to be our backup plan for when we don’t really have something readily cooked up for a LWIL episode. Rather than talking about something that the other has mildly pushed onto the other, we’re just going to be talking about whatever the heck we feel like chatting about. Mostly. There’s gonna be a theme at the very least that unifies each episode, thus “X Edition”, rather than numbered episodes.

This week, we converse about Playstation VR! This podcast was recorded around late January, maybe, wherein Mark finally purchased a Playstation VR headset with all the trimmings. We played some games! Mark played slightly more than me! A whole bunch of stuff caused me to feel rather ill! Video games continue to suck! Except not really, since there’s actually some really neat stuff coming out. Yes.

Couple things of note before I leave you with this episode:

  1. Near the end of the episode, Mark conveys a disbelief in the existence of Psychonauts: The Rhombus of Ruin. Since then, the game has actually been released, and of course Mark immediately bought it (pre-ordered, no less) and played it. He loves it. It’s Psychonauts. Sky is blue, etc.
  2. Also maybe near the end-ish, I mention playing the demo of Rez Infinite in VR and how it didn’t particularly impress me much. Since then, Mark has acquired the full game and….Yeah, no I’m still not sold on it. It’s alright-ish? The sound effect problem is definitely there and the difficulty spike between levels is absolutely ridiculous. Very pretty, sure, but the gameplay just ain’t doing it for me.

Anyway, that’s all for now. The Dic Geeks episode on The Super Mario Super Show is coming next, stay tuned for that. (Spoilers: It’s bad.)