LWIL #22 – Star Trek: TNG

LWIL finally returns after a lengthy 2 month-ish hiatus! And what better thing to return with than with 20 solid minutes of geeking out over Star Trek?

bit close there, ladWe’re finally back! Unfortunately after being out of the podcast game for so long, our intrepid duo are a rusty and tend to meander a bit. So if you note any weird slightly janky cuts that don’t really fit in with what was being said previously, that’s mostly due to me removing the whole getting sidetracked thing. Trust me, it’s better this way. But I digress – This week, we talk about Star Trek: The Next Generation. And by that, I mean Season 1 specifically. Before you get out your pitchforks, it’s worth knowing that 90% of this episode is just us geeking out and talking about how fantastically crap it is. Spoilers abound, but I mean if you’ve left this long (like Emma has) then it’s sort of on you here. It /is/ a 30-ish year old show, after all. Speaking of its age, Emma mentions that she started watching when it was the 50th anniversary – She meant for Star Trek in general, not TNG specifically. Again folks, we’ve a bit out of shape vis a vis podcasting.

Like What I Like – Episode 22 – Star Trek; The Next Generation

Music by colonthree, as always: https://soundcloud.com/colonthree