LWIL #8 Bonus – The Quiz, but actually At The End

Our point episodes are companion pieces to our regular episodes, so if you’ve not heard them yet you should definitely go listen to Episodes 7 & 8.

In this lovely point episode, we casually promote our favourite podcast apps for your smartphone despite not being sponsored by either and then go on to recommend you a nice variety of our favourite other shows to check out while you’re waiting for a new episode from us. Following that, we do the usual Quiz At The End which is actually at the end this time! Exciting stuff today, friends.

Like What I Like – Episode 8.5 – The Quiz, but actually At The End

Those podcast recommendations in full:
CoolGames Inc
Jay & Miles X-Plain The X-Men
My Brother, My Brother and Me
The Adventure Zone
The Parapod
The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show
Totally Reprise
Tiny Mix Tapes: Chocolate Grinder Mixes
Flip The Table

Our theme music is by Abru aka colonthree, used with permission