Wish Kid/Mary-Kate And Ashley in Action! (1991/2001)

Child Stars! Y’know, those scrappy actors that start doing stuff from a young age and have prolonged popularity before inevitably fading into obscurity before suddenly coming back and doing interesting things. Take this trio today: Macauley Culkin, who now runs a satire site called Bunny Ears, and the Olsen Twins, who are now established (?) fashion designers; And indeed, most of their back catalogue of acting work can be looked back on as “Regrettable”.

So with that regret in mind, lets look back at two of their most forgettable appearances. First we have Culkin’s “Wish Kid”, wherein he plays a kid who owns a baseball glove that was struck by a shooting star and gained the ability to grant time-limited wishes. And secondly, we have Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! which has the twins play a pair of really quite pathetic secret agent types with a snarky constantly quipping robot dog with a pseudo-scottish accent. You get the idea they were trying too hard with that second one a bit?

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