Iz and the Zizzles (2007)

Because “weird horny teletubby” is a great design idea, apparently.

Released in 2005 to widespread disinterest and bemusement, the Zizzle Iz was the new music toy created by the bloke who made Furbies. For the most part, it just kind of existed for a while before quietly petering out into obscurity, though if you’re in the UK, you may know of it thanks to a McDonalds Happy Meal promotion where they included a far cheaper and almost feature-free version of the toy. Somehow, it ended up with a near hour long cartoon special by Dic which manages to almost completely fail at properly selling the toy to you by way of obscuring its actual functionality. And yet…it isn’t so bad? Tune in to DICG FM to find out our full thoughts today!

Also yes, we finally fixed all of our audio problems with this episode. Turns out recording on an old “media PC” that’s perpetually on a death knell isn’t such a hot idea! Who knew?

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