The Dic Geeks 4-in-1 Fun Pak!!

Okay, so “Fun” might be somewhat of an inaccurate title for this here special episode of Dic Geeks, but we definitely deliver on bringing you 4 mini reviews of trash garbage cartoons this week! For the Appetizer, we have the mundane and mildly racist Super Dave: Daredevil For Hire (1992)…Meanwhile overin the Entree we have the noise polluted Stunt Dawgs (1992) with a side order of the hideously bland Speed Racer X (2002)…and finally for Dessert we have the least garbage-y of them all: Pole Position (1984), a cartoon that merely lifts the name off the classic video game and then goes off to be a weird kind of almost but not quite spy show?? I have no bloody clue, honestly.

Basically put, we tried to do an episode of the latter two toons, failed and popped them on the backburner. Fast forward a few months and we end up in the exact same situation with Super Dave and Stunt Dawgs. So we figured we may as well just get all four of these beasts out of the way and done with rather than vaguely flounder about and try to fill a half hours worth of time trying to talk about some of the most genuinely boring and dull shows we’ve come across whilst doing this show. None of these are explicitly awful so to speak more just…meh. They’re not exactly watchable, they’re not really very fun or enjoyable and overall they’re all ripe for being tossed into the bargain bin of life. So, sod it, let’s bundle them up and make a quick buck! After all, it’s 4-in-1, so that means it’s better value for money by default!

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