Photon/ALF Tales (1984/1988)

we may have gotten a little distracted, hence the day late upload

Another episode, another duo of dull boring Dic shows. What do we have this week? A laser tag tie-in and yet another Fairy Tale Theater knockoff? Bahh surely these can’t be any good. …Wait, for serious? These two are genuinely really good? Well, hot damn, look at that! Photon brings us a quality bit of 80s Cheese, ripe for riffing MST3K style (if you can comprehend its plot) and ALF Tales is a wonderful bit of Fractured Fairy Tales style show combined with the fun poking writing sensibilities last seen in high ranker “Jingle Bell Rock”. But what of our full thoughts? Why, dear listener, just have a cheeky peek for yourself. Come in, we have free tea and biscuits, sit down and enjoy yourself for once. Cos this episode is all positivity, baby.

*You may note the lack of a fucked audio warning! While we haven’t fixed the problem, we were lucky enough for the issue to start occurring precisely as we started figuring out the ranking for these shows, thus allowing us to neatly cut and re-record that section albeit in a more brief manner. Enjoy the first smooth sailing episode in quite a while. You deserve it for sticking with us through these issues. <3

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