Pocket Dragon Adventures/Lady Lovely Locks (1996/1984)

Another lightning round of mediocre Dic cartoons for you this week as we look at the excitable yet dull Pocket Dragon Adventures and the utter travesty that is Lady Lovely Locks. Mark’s audio goes a bit funny as per usual at this point (to my dismay) but clears up not long after. So! The cartoons. One is inexplicably based off a series of ceramic knick knacks that were popular in the 90s so already the mere concept makes no sense since the thing it’s based off isn’t meant for young kids to play with. As for Lady Lovely Locks, she was, of course, based off a doll toy…and as per usual for a girls cartoon from the 80s, everything that happens is entirely nonconsequential and nothing bad ever truly happens to the cast, thus making the entire thing ultimately pointless. Hooray.

Sigh. Yeah, we’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel today, folks. Let’s hope for a better pull next episode.

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