Meet Julie (1987)

“That’s me away, like”

Content Warning – Mention of a cop shooting early on in the episode; Mentioned as part of the discussion about World of Wonder’s downfall starting at around 3:21 and ending at about 5:33.

Oh, also Mark’s microphone starts getting a case of the ol’ crackles & distortion around 21 minutes in – it ends completely at 26:05 but note you’ll miss the ranking by skipping to that timestamp. We apologise for this unexpected occurrence.

Regular episode synopsis is as follows: It’s time for yet another product-placement special this week on Dic Geeks and today we’re taking a looksee at World Of Wonder’s last vaguely notable product: Julie. Julie was basically like an ultra Teddy Ruxpin in doll form; she could speak (sans audio tapes, this time) and move her mouth whilst doing so and had rudimentary forms of speech recognition to allow for further interactions between the child and the toy. Whilst it’s this fascinating bit of 80s tech, it’s also completely and utterly cursed. So, perfect material for an overly long special that’s incredibly light on the plot, then. Great…

Also whoops!! We kind of forgot to post this episode to the site until now. Our sincere apologies.

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