The Mysterious Cities of Gold/Liberty’s Kids (1982/2002)

The Mysterious Cities of GoldHistory has always been a ripe subject for fiction, and so it was inevitable that in our dives through the DiC Archives we’d find ourselves a matching pair of shows with very different approaches to historical accuracy. THE MYSTERIOUS CITIES OF GOLD is a pseudo-historical romp through South America inspired by turn-of-the-century conspiratorial ramblings about lost continents and ancient technologically advanced empires, whilst LIBERTY’S KIDS is an extremely detailed look into the American War of Independence made in an effort to try and get children to learn something for once.

But can slow-paced French anime from the early 80s keep Avery’s attention? Will Mark gain an appreciation for American History? Should Aaron Carter be allowed to rap patriotically over scenes of a brutal 18th Century conflict? All these questions will be answered and more!

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