The Poochie Special (1984)

PoochieAn interesting collection of jobbers, an entire plotline pulled out of literal thin air and a dog that was known mostly from being a brand of stationary. Against all odds The Poochie Special, a pilot from 1984, genuinely ends up being one of the more enjoyable Dic shows we’ve seen in a while. Barring the 80s mild racism, a fun loving attitude and an adorable talking dog that is part time adventurer and part time temporary CEO of a newspaper company, this cartoon is a little strange. A lot of it happens out of nowhere; it opens with a kid being inexplicably chased through the streets of Cairo with no explanation, only for the guys chasing the kid to completely disappear the moment Poochie and her robotic assistant Hermes get there. And then theres a bit where they somehow end up at the hands of the last remaining worshippers of Osiris (who is inexplicably female here)? It’s…weird. Again, somehow despite all this bizarre and completely unexplained bullshit, The Poochie Special ends up being genuinely a pleasant watch. Whilst there’s not much opening for more episodes after this one (which is probably why it failed as a pilot), it’s definitely worth a look at for the sake of a random cartoon being made out of a popular-at-the-time series of plush toys and stationary.

Once again, I must apologize for the audio in this one. It was all over the place once more and we ask of you to please be patient with us as we try and figure out a more solid recording method that allows us to have more decent and consistent levels. Next episode will be coming in a fortnight, now that we’re finally back on the right schedule! Thank you for putting up with our constantly stumbling arses.

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