Double Dragon (1993)

Editors Note; if you’re going through the episodes via the site, you may be confused by the lack of a Street Sharks episode promised in the post for SatAM. While we DID record that episode, it was unfortunately lost to the sands of time thanks to a rare bug in the software we use to both record and edit. So to make up for the lack of an episode last week, we’re posting this new one this week. Street Sharks will still get the treatment it deserves, dont you worry.

For some inexplicable reason, DiC thought it’d be a great idea to launch a cartoon based off a popular game that came out in the arcade and at home…approximately 6 years after it had come out. They then further thought it’d be a swell idea to have only one episode actually vaguely based off the lore of the show itself to string kids into watching, only to then take it completely off the rails by the second episode. Did we mention there were toys too? Really really cheap and shitty looking toys? If that hasn’t made the pieces fall in place, us talking about it will. This thing is frankly one of the most dire excuses for a cartoon we’ve ever seen.

Fair Warning: The audio on this episode is a bit fucked, honestly. Mark had a cold and Avery was sleepy. I’ve set both our tracks to the “Heavy” setting on the Hard Limiter effect, so there may be points where it gets a bit too loud. The alternative was to have both of us be a bit too quiet, unfortunately. So yeah, partly gross audio ahead from Blocked Nose Man and varying noise levels from Obnoxious Dork.

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