Hello Kitty’s Furry Tale Theater (1987)

With Hello Kitty’s birthday being only a mere 164 days away, we decided to do a bit of early celebration by watching the very first Hello Kitty cartoon broadcast on TV! Furry Tale Theater, despite the name, largely consists of weird half-arsed parodies of both public domain books and films that were popular at the time. Because there were only 3 other Sanrio characters that weren’t very import-friendly (namely due to Japanese names and also due to one being just two angelic humans), some one off characters were created to fill out the cast. We have the Sanrio lineup of Kitty and her extended family, My Melody and Tuxedo Sam followed by the Dic creations Catnip and Grinder. There’s also the strange anomaly character of Chip the seal who appears to be both a Sanrio and a Dic creation, having been made especially for the purposes of this show. Unfortunately, this show ended up being a bit flat and overall naff – I mean, the stand-in characters Dic made just look like rejects from The Catillac Cats for gods sake. So in order to spice it up, we spend the first half of this episode talking about how good the new Netflix series Aggretsuko is. Seriously, go watch it, it’s so good.

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