Kidd Video (1984)

From my video, to my radio. Or something like that.

We’ve used the names ‘Haim Saban’ and ‘Shuki Levy’ on this show a good number of times, and for good reason; they created some of the catchiest theme songs of the 80s and 90s. Well, this week’s sees them as creators (alongside DiC founder Jean Chalopin and MVP Andy Heyward) in a show that revolved entirely around music: 1984’s Kidd Video. In this musical adventure, four teenage bandmates are dragged through… some sort of mirror… by some guy… to a place called the flipside? It’s something like that; nobody’s motivations or characteristics are particularly well explained so we did the best we could with the episodes we watched. All we can really tell you at this point is synths. Lots of Synths.

Apologies if Mark sounds a bit… weird. This is his second bout of common cold this year.