Battletoads (1992)

See now, we did actually PLAN on doing Jugman for this weeks episode, but after the utter tradegy that was To Riverdale And Back, we had to take a break from all things Archie. I mean it’s April now anyway, so it’s not like we can really keep up the facade that it’s still “Marchie”. Anyway! Battletoads is a very curious 30 minute special based off the well loved 1991 NES title. This little gem is somewhat of a blatant take on the equally well loved TMNT cartoon at the time, no thanks to one of the lead writers for the latter show being on the team. Despite that, and the fact that it was made purely in the hopes of it being turned into a proper cartoon itself, does this short hold up at all? Have a listen and find out! Also included is basically our miniature knockoff of the podcast Story Break wherein we create the plotline for a brand new 2018 Battletoads game.

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