The New Archies (1987)

Today on “Dic Ruins Yet Another Perfectly Good Franchise”, we look at The New Archies. Basically, take the regular Archie cast, age them down back to pre-teen times and throw some bright and suitably 80s clothing on them. The problem is, most of the good stuff with the regular Archie comics stem mainly from the whole “being a teenager in high school” thing. So when you remove that aspect from it…there’s not really anything left to work with. So join us, why don’t you, as we discuss the nitty gritty of why this show ended up lasting a mere 14 episodes before dying.

Oh, and by the way: Mark had a rather nasty cold during the recording of this, so his voice ain’t up to its usual Quality(tm). Also of note, we accidentally call Reggie “Richie” for the entire episode. Oops.

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