ALF: The Animated Series (1987)

It's ALF! Er, I mean Gordon!ALF: The Animated Series, or ALF Animated Adventures, or even ALF on Melmac was somewhat of a cash-in on the sudden hit popularity of the “classic” 80s show ALF; a sitcom about a snarky yet lovable alien crash landing on Earth and integrating into an archetypal human family of the era. Thankfully it was spearheaded by the two creators of the original sitcom to begin with, so you’d think that it’d have at least SOME value, considering its about his life on his home planet before it literally got blew up in a nuclear explosion? Well, have a listen and find out for yourself what we thought of this rather interesting relic.

UPDATE: Avery made a bit of an error with the initial edit of this episode and forgot to put the ranking segment in. We’ve now fixed this problem and the ranking section is included once again. This issue was partially due to us making a complete mess of this recording in general, but hey, at least it kept us on our toes.

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