The Power Team (1990)

We’ll be honest here, we done goofed up again. We originally thought that The Power Team was created by DiC Entertainment, which seemed reasonable considering neither of us thought they’d really bow to the rules of loyalty and would go wherever money called. Unfortunately, in doing this we were placing our faith entirely in the Wikipedia article for it, which lists DHX Media as the distributor and has the “Television shows by DIC Entertainment” category attached to it. This same article also happens to have a “several citations needed” box at the top of the page, which has been present since 2008. I mean we’re not going to back down from doing it now that we’ve said we’re gonna do it but, we’re definitely gonna make sure that what we plan to watch in the future is actually Dic beforehand*.

Now, The Power Team is actually a cartoon segment within a larger show, entitled Video Power. Video Power is a largely throwaway encasing for the cartoon, in which the hyperactive sentient 90s haircut Johnny Power gives the viewers “reviews” and “hints” to various NES games. I say that but watch any episode of the show and you’ll find out that the reviews are actually more along the lines of endorsements and the hints are massively inaccurate and technically another endorsement for a magazine. As for the cartoon itself, well…it’s alright? It’s a fairly harmless cartoon antics team based show, in the vein of but certainly not the same as Captain N (despite what people say). As an added bonus we also mention the completely different second season of Video Power, wherein the cartoon is discarded and the entire thing is converted into an awkward game show.

*In some cases we may still do them anyway, no matter how tenuous the link.

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