Captain N: The Game Master (1989)

Here we see Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo, partaking in one of the minigames from Takeshi’s Castle.

The inhabitants of Videoland are in grave danger! The King has been trapped within a mirror world, leaving the (obviously) helpless princess in danger! Despite her trio of comic sidekicks, she’s unable to defend the land, hiding away in a generic palace-y type area. But suddenly, the Power Glove, almighty being that it is, exclaims about there being an ULTIMATE WARRIOR, and that it’s now opening the ULTIMATE WARP ZONE to bring him in. Aaaaand it’s Generic 90s White Kid #4928, everyone! Err, I mean Kevin! Yes.

For as exhausted as we sound in this episode (trust me, we were very exhausted), it’s a pretty fun one! To welcome Season 2 with open arms, Avery has done some dark incantations and introduced a little Spice(tm) to the episodes. We hope you enjoy it, cos they sure did (trackball complications aside)!

Also as a small bonus, here’s a direct link to the ranking page. We switched the entire dang thing up, so it’s worth keeping yourself up to date.

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