DIC Animated Christmas Blast (2008*) – Part I

DiC Animated Christmas Blast

It’s a Christmas Miracle! Not only do we return, but we return to cover an entire DVD of Christmas specials! In the first episode of this very special two-parter we take a detailed look at the three cartoons on the first disc: ‘Sonic Christmas Blast (1996)’ is a Christmas special for Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog aired three years after the show was cancelled, made to advertise a game that never materialised, ‘Santa What-A-Mess (1995)’ is the Christmas special for DiC’s take on the Frank Muir/Joseph Wright children’s books and is nothing short of charming, and ‘A Hollywood Hounds Christmas (1994)’ is a one-off special made to advertise a horrifying-looking toy line that the internet barely registers the existence of. We get a bit angry at that one, so heads up.

Avery would like it to be known that the editing is perhaps a little jankier than usual because they’re a little out of practice. Also, this episode is somewhat longer than our usual content, so a heads up on that too.

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*The DVD was published in 2008, however as one can see above, the specials are from a range of different years.