LWIL #2 – The Gerogerigegege↔Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

To those listening for the first time: Do yourself a favour and ignore these early episodes initially. They’re not edited too well, are a little quiet sometimes and frankly I’m still pretty embarressed by these ones. I recommend starting out from our later episodes such as The Mighty Boosh. These ones are 100% not representative of the show and are basically here for archival purposes.

[Content Warning – The band we discuss in this episode covers some of their more disgusting and gross work! It’s also very much NSFW as a result. YOU ARE WARNED!] This week, we discuss a Japanese music project that’s known for its serious lack of self-decency or sense and then proceed to completely nerd out over how good Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is. Seriously. Go read it. It’s so good.

Music by Abru/colonthree:

Like What I Like – Episode 2 – The Gerogerigegege / Unbeatable Squirrel Girl