Little Clowns of Happytown (1987?)

Somebody truly thought that ‘Clowns that are nice to people, but who are also children, and are also sort of an ethnic minority group maybe’ was the greatest ever idea for a childrens’ show. Unfortunately, they were wrong.

Little Clowns of Happytown is an oddity for Dic Geeks since, as far as we can tell, Dic didn’t remotely have any involvement in this. At some point, they acquired the rights to it and published a DVD of 5 episodes in the UK and possibly other countries too. Otherwise, Dic has absolutely no relation here. But hey, their logo is on the cover, and according to anywhere online, it’s one of their cartoons, so we’re obliged to check it.

And to no-one’s surprise, it’s absolutely atrocious. Incredibly ugly colours, uninspired designs, awful overly saccharine music and tones all come together into a horrible mush of regret. In a blissful moment of sense however, it turns out that this cartoon was created by not only the mastermind behind Heathcliff & the Cadillac Cats but The Big Bang Theory too. Yeah, that’s right. Both this and Heathcliff were created by Chuck goddamn Lorre. We’re not even joking. Look at his iMDB. On that note, here’s the episode.

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