Self-Promo: Come check out Avery’s new podcast!

Hello!! You know me, I do the editing and such on Dic Geeks and Mostly Kobolds EXTEND and once in a blue moon write a proper article for reading on this here site as it were. But did you know that recently I’ve been working in the background on my very own little side project podcast? Well I have! Isn’t that exciting? No? Ok fine, whatever.

The show is called Remnant Psyches. I plan on having each episode be around 15 minutes or so, coming out every couple weeks if I remember. Remnant Psyches is comprised pretty much 100% of music, namely sourced from’s fantastic “NOISE-ARCH” collection. The NOISE-ARCH collection is a large archive of old cassette tapes from the 80’s and 90’s, with most of it being weird obscure underground albums. By cutting down each track to 2 minute excerpts each, I’m aiming to create a very dream like feel with each episode. Oh, and it’s also gonna be artsy as all hell, so get ready for that. If you wanna check it out then you can subscribe on your podcatcher of choice >>here<<, or just have a gander with >>this<< direct SoundCloud link. Alternately, have a listen to this embed, since it’s so far the only episode.

Feel free to send me feedback via the Mostly Kobolds twitter if you have any!! Thank you that’s all ♥